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Safely Back to School

The Safely Back to School Campaign helps parents and caregivers prepare for sending their kids back to the safest school environment possible.

Child Safety Pledge’s mission is to prevent and combat child sexual abuse.

Parents, schools and afterschool organizations must create a safe environment for the children in their care. We’re building a community and providing resources to support everyone striving towards the same goal.

When you sign the Pledge, you’ll learn the most important information that all parents should know to help keep kids safe: What are the common signs of possible abuse? What is the first question all parents should ask school administrators? How and when should I start the conversation with my child?

Sign the Child Safety Pledge –> Access our ongoing, monthly learning content —> Equip yourself with information –> Become an advocate for your family & community.

In a perfect world, teachers should be our first line of defense in preventing child sexual abuse. However, most institutions do not prepare teachers to advocate for child safety at all, so it is up to us to stand up and make sure they do.

Common responses when parents have asked teachers about protocols to ensure child safety have ranged widely from disinterest to disgust. This continues to fuel the “us” vs. “them” mentality regarding child sexual assault that helps to keep child sexual assault a silent epidemic. As part of this campaign, we hope you share these vivid examples among your social media channels to draw more attention to this epidemic. Please share it and tag @ChildSafetyPledge and#SafelyBack2School to make sure our voices are heard.