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Families & Individuals

Sign the Pledge

Sign the pledge to make a commitment to prevent child sexual abuse wherever your influence reaches.

Educate Others

As a parent/friend/community member, you have a key opportunity to educate others on the issue of child sexual abuse. Share the message and invite others to sign the pledge and take action on this important cause.

Ask the institutions and organizations you know that serve kids if they have policies in place to help prevent child sexual abuse. Challenge them to become leaders on this issue and to do more to protect the kids they serve.

Have a Daring Conversation

Take the Dare! Have a daring conversation with your kids or with parents you know. Then challenge those parents to have a Daring Conversation with their kids.

Become an Advocate

Using your personal media channels and initiatives, help spread the message of prevention and daring conversations.

Take Training

CSP has partnered with Darkness to Light to provide online training to parents and individuals who have signed the pledge. These best-in-class trainings will equip you to become an aware parent or community member and an educated advocate.