Pledge and Protect


    to do everything in my power to keep children safe; to ask my local schools and youth organizations about child sexual abuse policies; to have a daring conversation with my kids or fellow parents; and to become an advocate for the pledge in my community.

It is time to build a movement

By pledging to protect all children safe from sexual abuse in schools, youth serving organizations and public spaces you are committing to ask tough questions and help us create transparency, accountability and safety in our youth-serving organizations.

Collectively we need to shatter the silence on child sexual abuse and shine a light on our ability to prevent this tragedy from happening so frequently in our society. We are creating a coalition of the willing; parents, policymakers, foundations and companies coming together to help prevent and combat this hidden crisis.

I am a parent or concerned individual

I represent a foundation or grant-maker 

I am a policymaker or political leader