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Take the Pledge

Take the Pledge

    to take a stand and protect children.The kids I know and love will be safe with me; I will continue learning and practicing child safety so that I safeguard kids from all forms of danger, harm, and/or abuse. I pledge to be a safe adult.

A Hidden Crisis

Keeping children safe is something that every good parent and caregiver strives to do. From the moment they enter our lives, we are navigating obstacles that affect their emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

Danger may come from the physical environment around them or from the activities that they enjoy. We may be trying to shield them from peer pressure, bullying, and other interactions that affect their mental health. Or we may be faced with addressing physical or sexual abuse because research shows that the greatest risk to children doesn’t come from strangers but from friends and family.

Together, we hope you will join with thousands of parents who have signed the Child Safety Pledge and are helping us create a movement to keep children safe.

Happy, healthy, and safe childhoods for all children is our goal, but that won’t happen on its own. It’s our responsibility as parents, caregivers, and safe adults to come together to create a world that’s safe for kids.

By supporting Child Safety Pledge, a brand of Darkness to Light, you are making a commitment to a better world for children-and for that, we thank you!

Over 1000 pledges made to date!