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Child Safety Coalition

The Child Safety Coalition was founded in 2018 by a group of non-profits who seek to create an inclusive social movement for collective action to end child sexual abuse.

The Coalition seeks to accomplish this goal through removing silos and increasing collaboration on prevention efforts between multi-sector players; mobilizing political will and resources to protect our children; producing media campaigns and supporting impact storytelling for stigma reduction and behavior change; and supporting and engaging corporations and foundations in prevention policies and education and responsible corporate social giving policies.

Sign the Pledge

By signing the Pledge, you commit to building a culture of accountability, transparency, and awareness around child safety together.

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Take the Training: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

More than 90% of children who are commercially sexually exploited have been sexually abused in the past.

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Become a Partner in Prevention

The Partner in Prevention distinction is an annual distinction for an organization or business that commits to preventing, recognizing, and reacting responsibly to child sexual abuse.

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Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows is a 40-country benchmarking index which examines how countries are responding to the threat of sexual violence against children.

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Have a Daring Conversation with Your Kids

Planning a big talk with your child about sexual abuse can be stressful. But there’s no need to make it hard on yourself.

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Childhood USA

Childhood USA’s mission has been to end violence, sexual abuse, and the exploitation of children. A UN accredited NGO, we leverage our roles as a funder, advocate and thought leader, by raising awareness about the problem and developing solutions like the Out of the Shadows Index and #EyesWideOpen advocacy initiative, to expand our reach.

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