Our campaign urges the adoption of a universal and comprehensive pledge by funders of organizations that work with children to require their grantees do everything in their power to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse.

The Child Safety Pledge works by elevating awareness and encouraging organizations to adopt best practices to prevent and report child sexual abuse.

The goal of the Child Safety Pledge is to encourage funders to make grants and give donations only to those youth-serving organizations that have implemented policies and procedures that address child sexual abuse – policies which apply to and are understood by all personnel who interact with children.

The immediate objective in establishing a Child Safety Pledge is to create a funding environment that rewards organizations that have adequate policies and procedures to prevent child sexual abuse through education, training, prevention, and reporting and simultaneously encourages non-compliant organizations to improve their policies and procedures.

The ultimate purpose is to create a safer, more transparent, and more accountable environment in organizations that work with children.