Ms. Renata Landres
Manager, Private
Concerned Citizen, USA
“It is a hidden problem in some sections of the Jewish community, and it needs to be addressed.”
Ms. Samara Hutman
Executive Director , Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust in Pan Pacific Park
Concerned Citizen, USA
“For every reason in the world ”
Mr. Shlomo Kertzner
Executive Director , Menuchas Halev
Nonprofit Professional, USA
David Gurtler
Concerned Citizen, Israel
“As a parent, a grandparent and someone who was abused as a child I understand how important this organization is.”
Mr. Andrew Blode
CEO, Jack & Robert Smorgon Families Foundation
Foundation Professional, Australia
“The whole world has now had its eyes opened to the damage that child abuse causes. As Philanthropists we can advocate and make change.”
Martha Tumblin
Licensed Therapist, child sexual abuse prevention educator, USA
“During my 40+ year career as a therapist, I've witnessed a range of the lifelong emotional, mental, physical, spiritual & relational devastation of child sexual abuse in my patients, their families, & our community. As a child sexual abuse prevention educator, I know that reputable, data-informed education can teach adults & communities the skills necessary to -minimize opportunities for child sexual abuse to occur -recognize possible signs & symptoms, - Do's & Don'ts in responding to child sexual abuse. ”
Gwendolyn Bouchie
Communications Manager, Darkness to Light
Nonprofit Professional, USA
Mrs. Erika Leigh Rowell
Program Support Manager, Darkness to Light
Nonprofit Professional, USA
“Every child should have the opportunity to grow up with their boundaries in tact. ”
Miss Jennifer Hessmiller
Program Support Coordinator, Darkness to Light
Nonprofit Professional, USA
Ms. Catherine Townsend
Grants, Research an National Strategy Manager, Darkness to Light
Nonprofit Professional, USA
“I work in the field of child sexual abuse prevention and I know the damage child sexual abuse does.”
Mr. Motty Ganz
Concerned Citizen, USA
“Personal experience”
Rabbi Dan Goldblatt
Beth Chaim Congregation
Clergy, USA
“Nothing is more important for those of us who are involved with teaching children than to do everything possible to ensure their safety and freedom from abuse.”
Deborah S Meyer
CEO, Moving Traditions
Nonprofit Professional, USA
“As a the leader of an organization dedicated to ensuring that teens grow into healthy and Jewish adults, I heartily endorse this effort.”
Rachel Kirschbaum
Nonprofit Professional, USA
“because as an educator, mother and person who has always appreciated the innocence of children, I feel strongly about protecting them”
Shira Falk
Concerned Citizen, USA
Mr. Leonard Ian Carr
Foundation Professional, South Africa
“I believe that Shalom is the highest ideal in life. Destroying the shleimus of the child through exploitation or abuse may lead in the future to broken marriages and more broken children. There is no more important work than ensuring the emotional and spiritual well-being of all children.”
Dr. Shira Berkovits
“Policies are among an organization's most important tools for preventing opportunities for abuse and ensuring responsible response-measures in the event that abuse occurs. ”
Rabbi Michael Bleicher
Elmora Hills Minyan
Rabbi - Elmora Hills Minyan; Clinician & Outreach Coordinator at Project S.A.R.A.H. in Clifton, NJ that has provided treatment for survivors of abuse and offers prevention programs to camps, clergy, community members, parents, and schools for the past 19 , USA
“I am a therapist and outreach coordinator with Project S.A.R.A.H. in Clifton, NJ ”
Rabbi Benny Forer
Deputy District Attorney/Professor/Rabbi, Jewish Community Watch
Advocate, USA
“As an industry professional, experienced in prosecuting cases of abuse, I have taken a special interest in this subject matter. I also am an advocate relating to issues of sexual abuse in the Jewish community. Every soul is important; every child should be protected. We cannot sit idly by while our most vulnerable are at risk. ”
Mr. Elliot Pasik
Parent, USA
Ms. Renata Landres
Concerned Citizen, USA
“For many years I've been aware of the problem so I whole-heartedly support this program initiated by Joshua Avedon, Shawn Landres and Jumpstart Labs.”
Dr. Shawn Landres
Co-founder & Board Co-chair, Jumpstart Labs
Donor, USA
Mr. Joshua Herschel Avedon
CEO, Jumpstart Labs
Nonprofit Professional, USA
“If not now, when?”