Our Team

Our Founder and Executive Director

Rochel Leah Bernstein is the founder and executive director  of Child Safety Pledge, an organization committed to prevent and combat child sexual abuse in the United States. A parent, mother of four and survivor herself, she has worked for the past eight years with youth-serving organizations, funders and parents to ensure strong policies and best practices to prevent, detect, and respond to child sexual abuse.

Together with her team she is focused on collaborating with purpose-driven companies, foundations and empowering a national grassroots movement dedicated on keeping all children safe from sexual abuse in YSOs and physical environments. She has a passion for philanthropy, travel and street art.


President and COO 

Neil St. Clair is the President & COO of the Child Safety Pledge. He also concurrently serves as Managing Partner of Group 2050 and The CSP Fund, an early-stage venture capital fund and asset owners coalition focused on ethical investing to prevent child sexual abuse. Previously, Neil was President of the Karma Network, a membership and media platform for the next generation of private investors with a focus on social impact.

He also hosted several shows for the network. Neil concurrently helped lead Karma’s parent company, Timeless, which is backed by the resources of a global, multi-billion-dollar single family office.Neil was the Chief Growth Officer for Vestorly, a venture-backed, artificial intelligence marketing platform, and also served as the first-ever Director of Marketing for Shepherd Kaplan, then the 3rd-largest independent investment advisory firm by assets under management. In his early career, Neil was an on-camera television journalist for NY1 and a contributing columnist for Forbes. As a founder, Neil pioneered digital video news coverage of Silicon Alley as CEO of award-winning media outlet, AlleyWire. He also co-founded insurtech company Thrice, a machine learning data platform for the property and casualty insurance space. He also started the invitation-only Corsair Society and P2P hotel room reseller, UnBuyThat.

Neil is now an advisor and investor in several startups in the media, fintech, and edtech spaces. Neil is an accomplished public speaker, and is deeply involved with several charitable organizations, including the Advisory Board of BUILD–NY, the Birthright Israel Foundation, and the Board of Trustees of the Academy of St. Joseph. He also founded the St. Clair Family Speech & Debate Award and serves as an Honorary Commander in the United States Air Force. In 2016, Neil ran for State Committee in Massachusetts, and later served as a member of the Massachusetts Real Estate Board.Neil graduated from Boston University Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude. He later attended graduate school at Yale University studying International Relations. Neil is a competitive marathoner and lives in Manhattan.


Our Story

Child Safety Pledge was conceptualized and founded by Rochel Leah Bernstein in 2016 as a catalyst for protecting children from sexual abuse.

Child Safety Pledge became an independent nonprofit venture in July 2018. The project began as an initiative of Jumpstart Labs, which developed the initial research, strategy, and funder consultation process in partnership with Ms. Bernstein. Working together, they created the idea for a pledge for funders of youth-serving organizations to commit to holding their grantees to the highest standards for protecting kids from CSA in their organizations. Once piloted, the goal was to bring it to other faith-based and secular philanthropic arenas in the hopes of making it a universal standard. In 2017, four major foundations became the first to sign the Child Safety Pledge.

Child Safety Pledge is powered by The Giving Back Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with federal tax exempt status as a public charity. ID 04-3367888.

Our Inspiration

Child Safety Pledge was inspired by Erin’s Law, Rochel Leah wanted to devise a strategy that would have an equally widespread effect on youth-serving organizations in the private sector. Erin’s Law  – named for childhood sexual assault survivor, author, and activist Erin Merryn who is its champion – has been passed in 31 states, and requires all public schools in each state implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program. The law has transformed the way public schools go about teaching personnel, parents, and children how to prevent, recognize, and respond to child sexual abuse. The challenge of fighting child sexual abuse is compounded by the silence that surrounds the topic and the fact that private youth-serving organizations are not subject to the laws that require robust training and prevention regimens – which is where Child Safety Pledge is hoping to make a difference.